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Recent Publications 

Tovar-Facio, J., Cao, Y., Ponce-Ortega, J.M., and Zavala, V. M. Scalable Solution Strategies for Chance-Constrained Nonlinear Programs. Under Review, 2018. [pdf]

Shin, S., Hart,  P., Jahns, T., and Zavala, V.M. A Hierarchical Optimization Architecture for Large-Scale Power Networks. Under Review, 2018. [pdf]

Cao, Y., Yu, H., Abbott, N.L., and Zavala, V.M. Machine Learning Algorithms for Liquid Crystals-Based Sensors. Under Review, 2018. [pdf]

Hu, Y., Scarborough, M., Aguirre-Villegas, H., Larson, R.A., Noguera, D.R. and Zavala, V.M. A Supply Chain Framework for the Analysis of the Recovery of Valuable Chemicals from Organic Waste. Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Sampat, A., Ruiz-Mercado, G., and Zavala, V.M. Economic and Environmental Analysis for Advancing Sustainable Management of Livestock Waste. Under Review, 2017.  [pdf]

Jalving, J. and Zavala, V.M. An Optimization-Based State Estimation Framework for Large-Scale Natural Gas Networks. Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Cao, Y., and Zavala, V.M. A Sigmoidal Approximation for Chance-constrained Nonlinear Programs. Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Cao, Y., and Zavala, V.M. A Scalable Global Optimization Algorithm for Stochastic Nonlinear Programs. Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Sampat, A., Martin, E., Martin, M., and Zavala, V.M. Technologies and Logistics for Phosphorus Recovery from Livestock Waste. Under Review, 2017.  [pdf]

Cao, Y., D'Amato, F. and Zavala, V.M. Stochastic Optimization Formulations for Wind Turbine Power Maximization and Extreme Load Mitigation. Under Review, 2017. [pdf]


PIPS-NLP: Software Package for Scalable Nonlinear Optimization [link]
DSP: Software Package for Scalable Mixed-Integer Programming [link]
Plasmo.jl: Graph-Based Modeling Package [link]