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Recent Publications 

Dowling, A.W. and Zavala, V.M. Economic Opportunities for Industrial Systems from Frequency Regulation Markets, Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Kumar, R., Wenzel, M.J., Ellis, M.J., ElBsat, M.N., Drees, K.H. and Zavala, V.M.
A Stochastic MPC Framework for Stationary Battery Systems, Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Shin, S. and Zavala, V.M. 
Multi-Grid Schemes for Multi-Scale Control of Energy Systems, Under Review, 2017. [pdf]

Anitescu, M. and Zavala, V.M. 
MPC as a DVI: Implications on Sampling Rates and Accuracy, Under Review, 2017 [pdf]

Sampat, A., Martin, E., Martin, M., and Zavala, V.M. Optimization Formulations for Multi-Product Supply-Chain Networks. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 104C, pp. 296-310,
 2017. [pdf]

Santos-Rodriguez, M., Flores-Tlacuahuac, A. and Zavala, V. M. A Stochastic Optimization Approach for the Design of Organic Fluid Mixtures for Low-Temperature Heat RecoveryApplied Energy, 198, pp. 145-159, 2017[pdf]

Curtis, F.E., Waechter, A., and Zavala, V. M. A Sequential Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Chance Constraints. Under Review, 2016. [pdf]

Kim, K. and Zavala, V. M. Algorithmic Innovations and Software for the Dual Decomposition Method Applied to Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs. Under Review, 2015[pdf]

Chiang, N., Huang, R. and Zavala, V. M. An Augmented Lagrangian Filter Method for Real-Time Embedded OptimizationAccepted, 2016. [pdf]

Sharara, M., Sampat, A., Good, L., Smith, A., Porter, P.,  Zavala, V.M., and Larson, R. Spatially Explicit Methodology for Coordinated Manure Management in Shared WatershedsJournal of Environmental Management, 192, pp. 48-56, 2017. [pdf]

Jalving, J., Abhyankar, S., Kim, K., Hereld, M., Zavala, V. M. A Graph-Based Computational Framework for Simulation and Optimization of Coupled Infrastructure NetworksAccepted, 2016. [pdf]

Cao, Y., Fuentes-Cortes, L.F., Chen, S., and Zavala, V. M. Scalable Modeling and Solution of Stochastic Multiobjective Optimization ProblemsComputers & Chemical Engineering, 99, pp. 185-197, 2017[pdf]

Dowling, A. W., Kumar, R., Zavala, V.M. A Multi-Scale Optimization Framework for Electricity Market Participation. Applied Energy, 190, pp. 147-164, 2017. [pdf]

Kim,K., Yang, F., Zavala, V. M., and Chien, A. A. Data Centers as Dispatchable Loads to Harness Stranded Power. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 8(1), pp. 208-218, 2017. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M. New Architectures for Hierarchical Predictive Control. IFAC-PapersOnline, 49(7), pp. 43-48, 2016. [pdf]

Dowling, A.W., Ruiz-Mercado, G. and Zavala, V. M. A Framework for Multi-stakeholder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 90, pp. 136 - 150, 2016. [pdf][link]