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Recent News

08/22/16: Victor Z gives tutorial on stochastic programming methods at Dow Chemical in Midland, MI.

08/04/16: Victor Z gives tutorial on stochastic programming methods at UW-Madison to researchers from ExxonMobil, Air Liquide, and Johnson Controls.

Victor Z organized session on "High-Performance Computing for Stochastic Programming" at International Conference on Stochastic Programming held in Buzios, Brazil. [link]

Alex Dowling presented "A Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution" as the inaugural speaker of the Distinguished Junior Researchers Seminar Series at Northwestern University. [link]

12/20/15: Victor Z. Invited Speaker at IMA Workshop on "Control at Large Scales: Energy Markets and Responsive Grids." [link]

Recent Publications 

Curtis, F.E., Waechter, A., and Zavala, V. M. A Sequential Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Chance Constraints. Under Review, 2016. [pdf]

Dowling, A. W., Zheng, T., and Zavala, V. M. Economic Assessment of Concentrated Solar Power Technologies: A Review. Under Review, 2016. [pdf]

Griffith, D., Zavala, V. M., and Biegler, L.T. Robustness Analysis of a Bi-Criterion Economic NMPC FormulationUnder Review, 2016. [pdf]

Kim,K., Yang, F., Zavala, V. M., and Chien, A. A. Data Centers as Dispatchable Loads to Harness Stranded Power. Under Review, 2016. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M. 
New Architectures for Hierarchical Predictive Control. In Proceedings of DYCOPS, 2016. [pdf]

Dowling, A.W., Ruiz-Mercado, G. and Zavala, V. M. A Framework for Multi-stakeholder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 90, pp. 136 - 150, 2016. [pdf][link]

Kim, K. and Zavala, V. M. Algorithmic Innovations and Software for the Dual Decomposition Method Applied to Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs. Under Review, 2015[pdf]

Chiang, N. and Zavala, V. M. Large-Scale Optimal Control of Interconnected Natural Gas and Electrical Transmission Systems. Applied Energy, 168, pp. 226-235, 2016[pdf]