Conference Publications

Anitescu, M. and Zavala, V.M. MPC as a DVI: Implications on Sampling Rates and Accuracy, Under Review, 2017 [pdf]

Dowling, A.W., Zavala, V. M. Redesigning Decision-Making Architectures to Exploit Multi-Scale Electricity Markets. Submitted to FOCAPO/CPC 2017. [pdf]

Dowling, A.W., Zavala, V. M. Resolving Conflicts Among Stakeholders in Real-Time Operations. Submitted to FOCAPO/CPC 2017. [pdf]

Dowling, A. W., Dyreson, A., Miller, F., Zavala, V. M. Economic Assessment and Optimal Operation of CSP Systems with Cold Storage in California Energy Markets. Submitted to SolarPACES, 2016. [pdf]

Tian, H., Lu, Q., Gopaluni, R., Zavala, V. M.  Multiobjective Economic Model Predictive Control of Mechanical Pulping Processes. In Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control,  2016. [pdf]

Tian, H., Lu, Q., Gopaluni, R., Zavala, V. M., and Olson, J.  Economic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Mechanical Pulping Processes. In Proceedings of American Control Conference,  2016. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M. New Architectures for Hierarchical Predictive Control. In Proceedings of DYCOPS, 2016. [pdf]

Maheshwari, K.., Wozniak J.., Yang, H. Katz, D., Ripeanu, M., Zavala, V.M.,. and Wilde, M..Evaluating Storage Systems for Scientific Data in the Cloud. Proceedings of the 5th ACM workshop on Scientific cloud computing. ACM, 2014. [pdf]

Kang, Y., Chiang, N., Laird, C.D., and Zavala, V. M. Nonlinear Programming Strategies on High-Performance Computers. In Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control,  2015. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M. A Multiobjective Optimization Perspective on the Stability of Economic MPC. In Proceedings of ADCHEM,  2015. [pdf]

Chiang, N. Petra, C. and Zavala, V. M. Structured Nonconvex Optimization of Large-Scale Energy Systems using PIPS-NLP. In Proceedings of 18th Power Systems Computation Conference, 2014. [pdf]

Heo,Y.; Graziano, D.; Zavala, V.M.; Dickinson, P.; Kamrath, M. and Kirshenbaum, M.;  Cost-effective Measurement and Verification Method for Determining Energy Savings under Uncertainty. ASHRAE Annual Conference, 2013. [pdf]

Zavala, V.M. Real-Time Resolution of Conflicting Objectives in Building Energy Management: An Utopia-Tracking Approach. Simbuild,2012. [pdf]

Zavala, V.M. Proactive Energy Management for High-Performance Buildings: Exploiting and Motivating Sensor Technologies. Future of Instrumentation International Workshop, 2011. [pdf]

Cioaca, A.; Zavala, V.M. and Constantinescu, E.M. Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis for Numerical Weather Prediction: Applications to Power Grid Optimization. International Workshop on High Performance Computing, Networking and Analytics for the Power Grid, 2011. [pdf]

Robbins, B.; and Zavala, V.M. Convergence Analysis of a Parallel Newton Scheme for Dynamic Power Grid Simulations. International Workshop on HPC, Networking and Analytics for the Power Grid, 2011. [pdf]

Lubin, M.; Petra, C. G.; Anitescu, M., and Zavala, V.M. Scalable Stochastic Optimization of Complex Energy Systems.Supercomputing, 2011. [pdf]

Kannan, A. and Zavala, V. M. A Game-Theoretical Model Predictive Control Framework for Electricity Markets.  Allerton Conference, 2011. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.;  and Anitescu, M.  New Insights into the Dynamic Stability of Wholesale Electricity Markets. IEEE MSC, 2011. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.;  and Anitescu, M.  Stability and Robustness of Wholesale Electricity Markets. IFAC CSC18 , 2011. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.;  and Anitescu, M.  Achieving Higher Frequencies in Large-Scale Nonlinear Model Predictive Control. IEEE CDC, 2010. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.; Botterud, A.; Constantinescu, E. M. and Wang, J. Computational and Economic Limitations of  Dispatch Operations in the 

Next-Generation Power Grid. IEEE Conference on Innovative Technologies for an Efficient and Reliable Power Supply, 2010. [pdf]

Alessandri, A.; Baglietto, M.;  Battistelli, G. and Zavala, V.M. Advances in Nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation . IEEE CDC, 2010. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.;  Wang, J.; Leyffer,  S.; Constantinescu, E.M.; Anitescu, M. and Conzelmann, G.  Proactive Energy Management for Next-Generation Building Systems. SimBuild, 2010. [pdf

Alessandri, A.; Baglietto, M.;  Battistelli, G. and Zavala, V.M. Computationally Efficient, Approximate Moving Horizon State Estimation for Nonlinear Systems. NOLCOS, 2010. [pdf]

Zavala, V. M.;  Constantinescu, E.M. and Anitescu, M.  Economic Impacts of Advanced Weather Forecasting on Energy System Operations. IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, 2010. [pdf

Zavala, V. M.;  Anitescu, M.; and Krause, T.  On the Optimal On-Line Management of Photovoltaic-Hydrogen Hybrid Energy Systems. 10th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering, 2009. [pdf

Zavala, V. M.; Huang, R. and Biegler, L.T. Simultaneous Nonlinear Programming Strategies for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Applications: Recent Advances and Future Directions. Proceedings of FOCAPO, 2008.  

Zavala, V. M.; and Biegler, L.T. The Advanced Step NMPC Controller. Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Advanced Process Control Applications for Industry - Vancouver, Canada. 2007.

Zavala, V. M.; Laird, C.D. and Biegler, L.T. A Fast Computational Framework for Large-Scale Moving Horizon Estimation. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Dynamics  and Control of Process Systems - Cancun, Mexico. 2007. [pdf].

Zavala, V. M.; Laird, C.D. and Biegler, L.T. Fast Solvers and Rigorous Models: Can Both be Accommodated in NMPC?. Proceedings of the IFAC Workshop on NMPC for Fast Systems - Grenoble, France. 2006. [pdf].

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