Weiqi Zhang, PhD, Quantifying and Remunerating Flexibility in Energy Systems, 2023

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Dilara Goreke, MSc, Sustainable Plastic Waste Management: Perspectives of Supply Chain Optimization and Life Cycle Analysis, 2022. [link]

Yue Shao, PhD, Analysis and Design Using Modularity Concepts in Chemical Processes and Supply Chains, 2022. [link]

Joshua Pulsipher, PhD, Infinite-Dimensional Optimization: Modeling Abstractions and Software, 2022. [link]

Yicheng Hu, PhD, Computational Frameworks for Sustainable Organic Waste Management, 2021. [link]

Sungho Shin, PhD, Graph-Structured Nonlinear Programming: Properties and Algorithms, 2021. [link]

Apoorva Sampat, PhD, Optimization Formulations for Multi-Product Networks, 2020. [link]

Ranjeet Kumar, PhD, Multiscale Control of Energy Systems, 2020. [link]

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Victor M. Zavala, PhD, Computational Strategies for the Optimal Operation of Large-scale Chemical Processes, 2008. [link]