Group Internal Google Site [link]

Group Google Drive [link]

Research Ethics

The work performed and published by our group adheres to the highest ethical standards. Here is some useful information on what constitutes unethical behavior: 

Elsevier policy [link],   IEEE policy [link],  SIAM policy [link]


The group Confluence site is hosted at, and is only accessible through the CAE network. Confluence is a team collaboration software system, and looks like a cross between Facebook and a Wiki system. We use it to share meeting notes, technical tutorials, influential journal articles, reading lists, project plans and much more. 


The group private repository is currently hosted at Users should request access from Jordan Jalving

The group public repository is hosted Users should request writing permissions. SourceTree is one of several free graphical interfaces for git repositories. 

Latex Template

Any documents generated by the group should follow this Latex template [link]  


Julia is a powerful open-source language for technical computing. It boasts near C computational speeds but syntax similar to MATLAB and Python. Furthermore, the JuMP package for Julia enables mathematical programming using a variety of solvers, similar to AMPL, GAMS and AIMMS, but with access to the full Julia language (data manipulation, plotting, etc.).

Julia is under constant development. New users should try the Juno + Julia precompiled bundles available at here. Advanced users may wish to compile Julia from source on a Linux machine, using these instructions. (Tip: not all of the dependencies for Linux are necessarily listed. Error messages while compiling typically mean a package is missing.) In addition to Google searches, the julia-users and julia-opt groups are indispensable for answering Julia related questions. The community is welcoming to new users, especially if they ask specific questions (with a small code example).

Technical Writing Tips

Here is a list of things to think about when writing a technical paper [link]  

Graph Neural Nets

Here is a list of resources about graph neural nets [link]  

Topology & Geometry

Here is a list of resources about topology & geometry [link]  

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Here is a list of resources about LCA [link]  


Here is a list of resources about general math [link]  

Madison Tips (Zavalab Version)

Here is a list of things to do in Madison [link]