CBE 970 Systems Seminar (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017)

Time and Location: Friday 4-5 pm, EH2239


09/16/2016 Magdalena Santos

Topic: Optimal Energy Recovery for Low-Temperature Sources Under Uncertainty Conditions [Slides]

09/23/2016 Xinyue Peng

Topic: Optimal Scheduling for Concentrating Solar Power Plants With Thermal Energy Storage [Slides]

09/30/2016 Hugh Purdy

Topic: A Broad Overview of Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA) Methods [Slides]

10/07/2016 Mingyuan Tian

Topic: Coupling Analysis of Genome-scale Metabolic Network

10/14/2016 Prashant Kumar

Topic: An Optimization Framework for Identifying Reaction Activation/Inhibition or Elimination Candidates for Overproduction in Microbial Systems [Slides]

10/21/2016 Alex Dowling

Topic: DegeneracyHunter.jl - A Toolset for Optimization Model Debugging [Slides]

10/28/2016 Joel Andersson

Topic: An Introduction to Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) [Slides]

11/04/2016 Dhruv Gupta

Topic: Adjustable Robust Optimization for Process Scheduling [Slides]

11/11/2016 Paul Adamczyk

Topic: Overview of Algorithms to Predict Metabolic Fluxes in a Perturbed State [Slides]

11/18/2016 No Seminar (AICHE)

11/25/2016 No Seminar (Holiday)

12/02/2016 Shu Pan

Topic: Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Tools for Discovering Protein Functions [Slides]

12/09/2016 Michael Risbeck

Topic: Wagering Strategies for Final Jeopardy! [Slides]

01/20/2017 Travis Arnold

Topic: Noise Covariance Estimation for an Air Separation Plant [Slides]

01/27/2017 Kirti Yenkie

Topic: Modeling Cellular Reactions and Gene Signaling Networks as Ito Stochastic Differential Equations (ISDEs) - An Alternative Approach to Discrete Event Simulations Such as The ‘Gillespie Algorithm’ [Slides]

02/03/2017 Ho Jae Lee

Topic: Solving Multi-Objective Optimization: Augmented ε-constraint Method [Slides]

02/10/2017 Douglas Allan

Topic: Transfer Function Zeros in State Space [Slides]

02/17/2017 Min Yao

Topic: Multiphysics Modeling Practice for Friday Happy Hour [Slides]

02/24/2017 Won, Wangyun

Topic: Production of Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomass: Process Synthesis and Technoeconomic Analysis [Slides]

03/03/2017 Ng, Rex

Topic: Model-Size Reduction Techniques for Large-Scale Biomass Production and Supply Networks [Slides]

03/10/2017 Kefeng Huang

Topic: Work-Heat Exchange Network Synthesis (WHENS) [Slides]

03/17/2017 Lingxun Kong

Topic: Using Redundant Constraints to Strengthen the Relaxation for Global Optimization of MINLP Problems [Slides]

03/24/2017 No Seminar (Springbreak)

03/31/2017 Yifu Chen

Topic: A Discretization-based Approach for Multiperiod Blend Scheduling Problem [Slides]

04/07/2017 Sanjan Gupta

Topic: Bayesian Optimization of Expensive Cost Functions with Application in Machine Learning [Slides]

04/14/2017 Apoorva Sampat

Topic: Risk Averse Optimization [Slides]

04/21/2017 Ranjeet Kumar

Topic: Multistage Stochastic Programming [Slides]

04/28/2017 Jordan Jalving

Topic: Graph Theory and Applications [Slides]