CBE 970 Systems Seminar (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)

Fall 2017 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 4-5 pm, EH2239

09/15/2017 Yankai Cao

Topic: High-Performance Computing for Stochastic Programming and Machine Learning

09/22/2017 Marco Vaccari

Topic: Moving Horizon Estimation: Confrontation of Filtering and Smoothing Covariance Updating [Slides]

09/29/2017 Gautham Ramapriya

Topic: Process Synthesis from Reaction Networks [Slides]

10/06/2017 Sanjan Gupta

Topic: Experimental Design on a Budget for Sparse Linear Models [Slides]

10/13/2017 Ho Jae Lee

Topic: Robust Counterpart Optimization: Improving the Quality of Robust Solutions [Slides]

10/20/2017 Joel Andersson

Topic: New Features in CasADi

10/27/2017 No Seminar

11/03/2017 No Seminar

11/10/2017 Ryan Clark

Topic: Modeling Microbial Ecology Through Pairwise Interactions [Slides]

11/17/2017 Yifu Chen

Topic: Multiperiod Blend Scheduling Problem: Model Formulations and Solution Strategies [Slides]

11/24/2017 No Seminar

12/01/2017 Ranjeet Kumar

Topic: Stochastic MPC for Battery Systems [Slides]

12/08/2017 Lingxun Kong

Topic: Graphical Design of Distillation Columns: McCabe-Thiele Method [Slides]

12/15/2017 Travis Arnold

Topic: Linear Estimation and Least Squares: What's the Connection? [Slides]

Spring 2018 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 4-5 pm, EH3024

01/26/2018 Xinyue Peng

Topic: Computational Cost Reduction: Surrogate and Reduced-order Modeling [Slides]

02/02/2018 Jordan Jalving

Topic: Introduction to Parallelism & Distributed Optimization with Julia [Slides]

02/09/2018 Nishith Patel

Topic: Economic Optimization of Large-Scale Embedded Battery Applications

02/16/2018 Apoorva Sampat

Topic: Introduction to Fairness in Resource Allocation [Slides]

02/23/2018 Dhruv Gupta

Topic: Stochastic Optimization under Endogenous Uncertainty [Slides]

03/02/2018 Tony Wu

Topic: Life Cycle Assessment: a Systems Approach to Environmental Management and Sustainability [Slides]

03/09/2018 Susan Hromada

Topic: Modeling Antibiotic Tolerance of Microbial Communities [Slides]

03/16/2018 Sungho Shin

Topic: Nonlinear Programming for Support Vector Machines [Slides]

03/23/2018 James Papadopoulos

Topic: Microbial Community Structure and Implications for Control Strategies [Slides]

03/30/2018 No Seminar

04/06/2018 Yicheng Hu

Topic: Introduction to Stochastic Dominance and its Application in Portfolio Optimization [Slides]

04/13/2018 Dylan Courtney

Topic: An Overview of Ensemble Modeling Applications for Kinetic Modeling of Cellular Metabolism [Slides]

04/20/2018 Yaqing Wu

Topic: Introduction to Scheduling of Mixed Batch/Continuous Processes [Slides]

04/27/2018 Venkat Avadiappan

Topic: Introduction to Integration of Scheduling and Automation Logic [Slides]