CBE 970 Computing Seminar (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Fall 2018 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 4-5 pm, EH2239

09/14/2018 Jordan Jalving

Topic: Julia & Parallel Computing [Slides] [Julia Tutorial]

09/21/2018 Yicheng Hu

Topic: A Tutorial of LaTeX in Overleaf [Slides] [LaTeX Tutorial]

09/28/2018 Brad Dallin

Topic: An Overview of Molecular Simulations [Slides]

10/05/2018 Joel Andersson

Topic: Algorithmic Differentiation and CasADi [Slides]

10/12/2018 Samartha Patel

Topic: Overview of Enhanced Sampling Techniques [Slides]

10/19/2018 Florian Goeltl

Topic: How to calculate accurate phase diagrams in transition metal exchanged zeolites [Slides]

10/26/2018 Sanjan Gupta

Topic: Machine Learning Approaches for Bioengineering [Abstract]

11/02/2018 No Seminar: AIChE

11/09/2018 Alex Chew

Topic: Clustering Algorithms [Slides] [Clustering Tutorial]

11/16/2018 Tibor Szilvasi

Topic: Overview of First Principles Methods

11/23/2018 No Seminar: Thanksgiving Recess

11/30/2018 Susan Hromada

Topic: Principles of Resilience in Microbial Communities [Slides]

12/07/2018 Philip Tominac

Topic: Potential Games in Optimal Planning [Slides]

12/14/2018 Ashwin Shekar

Topic: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics [Slides]

Spring 2019 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 4-5 pm, EH2239

01/25/2019 Renke Kuhlmann

Topic: Reinforcement Learning for Nonlinear Interior-Point Methods [Slides]

02/01/2019 Sonali Gupta

Topic: Modeling Spatiotemporal Influences on Communication and Ecological Interactions within a Synthetic Microbial Consortia [Slides]

02/08/2019 Jing-Yao Sandy Chen

Topic: High Performance Computing via CUDA [Slides]

02/15/2019 Benjamin Chen

Topic: Computational Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis [Slides]

02/22/2019 Yifu Chen

Topic: The Pooling Problem [Slides]

03/01/2019 Lingxun Kong

Topic: Piecewise Linear Approximating Functions [Slides]

03/08/2019 Ho Jae Lee

Topic: Chemical Production Scheduling in PSE & Web-based Scheduling Application [Slides]

03/15/2019 Venkatachalam Avadiappan

Topic: Mathematical Modeling of Logic [Slides]

03/22/2019 No Seminar: Spring Recess

03/29/2019 Yaqing Wu

Topic: Markov Process and its Application to Maintenance Optimization [Slides]

04/05/2019 Joshua Pulsipher

Topic: Infrastructure Monitoring: A Targeted Multiscale Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (Drone) Approach [Slides]

04/12/2019 Jonathan Sheavly

Topic: Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations [Slides]

04/19/2019 Alexander Smith

Topic: Big Data Analytics for Chemical Engineering [Slides]

04/26/2019 Alec Linot

Topic: Convolutional Neural Networks for Dynamical Systems [Slides]

05/03/2019 Ricky Shao

Topic: Clustering Analysis of Social Networks [Slides]