CBE 970 Computing Seminar (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)

Fall 2019 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 3-4 pm, EH2239

09/13/2019 Qiugang Lu

Topic: Introduction to System Identification [Abstract] [Slides]

09/20/2019 Ranjeet Kumar

Topic: Benchmarking Stochastic and Deterministic MPC [Abstract]

09/27/2019 Ilse Hernández

Topic: Multi-period and Multi-objective Optimization of Thermal Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainable Energy Generation [Abstract] [Slides]

10/04/2019 Yifu Chen

Topic: Global Optimization for Nonconvex Problem [Abstract] [Slides]

10/11/2019 Roberto Schimmenti

Topic: Introduction to Density Functional Theory Calculations and Applications in Catalysis [Abstract] [Slides]

10/18/2019 Jianeng Wang

Topic: Computer Simulation of Electrorheological Suspensions [Abstract] [Slides]

10/25/2019 Xiao Zhang

Topic: Parallel Computing Using Message-Passing Interface: An Introduction [Abstract] [Slides]

11/01/2019 Sungho Shin

Topic: A Beginner's Beamer Tutorial [Abstract] [Examples]

11/08/2019 Sanjan Gupta

Topic: Introduction to Support Vector Machine [Abstract] [Slides]

11/15/2019 No Seminar: AIChE

11/22/2019 Lang Xu

Topic: Applications of DFT-based Microkinetic Modeling Methods in Heterogenous Catalysis [Abstract] [Slides]

11/29/2019 No Seminar: Thanksgiving Recess

12/06/2019 Kevin Zeng

Topic: Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning [Abstract] [Slides]

12/13/2019 Joonjae Ryu

Topic: Random Forest: Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Model and Improvement via Randomization [Abstract] [Slides]

Spring 2020 Schedule

Time and Location: Friday 3-4 pm, EH2239

01/24/2020 Zhizhang Shen

Topic: COSMO-RS Method for Predicting Thermodynamics Properties [Abstract] [Slides]

01/31/2020 Apoorva Sampat

Topic: Introduction to Mathematical Optimization [Abstract] [Examples] [Slides]

02/07/2020 Hugh Purdy

Topic: An Introduction to Cheminformatics [Abstract] [Slides]

02/14/2020 No Seminar: Valentine's Day and Graduate Recruiting

02/21/2020 Ishan Bajaj

Topic: Introduction to Derivative-free Optimization [Abstract] [Slides]

02/28/2020 Susan Hromada

Topic: Microbial Community Invasions: Theory, Modeling, and Experiments [Abstract] [Slides]

03/06/2020 No Seminar: Graduate Recruiting

03/13/2020 Juan Manuel Restrepo

Topic: An introduction to topology optimization [Abstract] [Slides]

03/20/2020 No Seminar: Spring Recess

03/27/2020 Ryan Clark

04/03/2020 Shengli Jiang

04/10/2020 Weiqi Zhang

04/17/2020 Atharva Kelkar

04/24/2020 Victor Zavala

05/01/2020 Bryce Connors